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Mohini-female form of Vishnu

The secret state agent deployed for espionage or modern day’s hacking of high value website carrying pricey information or even for retrieving stolen data etc.  

‘Mohini’ means enchantress or seductress.  (‘Mohini’ is derived from ‘moha’ meaning infatuation or delusion).   In the Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagavatam and Vishnu Purana Mohini is described as the most charming female form born out of Lord Visnhu.  Out of various incarnations of Vishnu, Mohini is the only female one.

This transformed female ‘body’ of Vishnu is just a temporary one.  It does not stay for long.  It was created for executing a designated job.  Once the work is finished, Mohini merges in Vishnu.  

This interesting case is comparable to state sponsored mole in modern times when a secret agent (often a beautiful woman) is sent to sneak into enemy territory and government offices to get hold of extremely important data or information by establishing a fake close relationship (sometimes even physical) with an officer or minister.  Once stolen, use of such information can cause serious harm to the enemy.  The same information can be used profitably by the conspiring state.  Sometimes such efforts are made also to retrieve stolen assets which may be the case in this Puranic story.

During churning of ocean (Samudra Manthana) carried out by both Devas and Asuras many precious things were produced.  One of those has been Amrita (nectar) consumption of which would make one immortal.  Naturally both groups were eager to grab Amrita.  Not only that.  Each party was making all efforts to deprive the other due to high premium attached to it.  This was the only opportunity.  Once missed, it could never be got back.  Desperation was writ large on the face of both sides.  Mutual trust was missing.     

Devas and Asuras started fighting for Amrita.  It was a fierce battle.  Devas felt like losing the fight.  They approached Vishnu.  The Lord created Mohini out of his own self.  Mohini appeared before the Asuras.  By seeing the ravishing beauty of Mohini, the demons were distracted.  As a consequence they lost the battle.  

Asuras were defeated not because they possessed poor strength but it was easy for the Devas to divert focus and priority of the Asuras from the crucial battle to a shallow and insignificant charm of a lady.  

Devas acted upon  a non-violent strategy in the face of the violent battle.

This moral applies not only to state spying etc. but also to life of students and professionals.  Not just a woman but anything can distract one from one’s goal.  Being carried away towards illusive forces, one can miss the target (Amrita).  

Victorious Devas enjoyed Amrita and became immortal.

All stories of Puranas carry deep meaning and that applies to certain situations in all times.  Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that these stories have eternal messages.  A rational interpretation can show the hidden side of these stories.

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