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-31 min. ago-Mumbai Crime Branch arrested six jail accused in Majula Shetye’s murder
1 hours ago-Anantanag encounter ends: Two terrorists and two civilians killed in crossfire
3 hours ago-Encounter underway in Anantnag; 2 civilian killed in clashes 
4 hours ago-LeT commander trapped in Anantnag
1 days ago-Targeting civilian areas, Pak shelling Rajouri-Poonch for the third consecutive day
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Demonic qualities of Abhimanyu

The demonic element in Abhimanyu is understood and highlighted in the Draupadi cult, popular in northern Tamil Nadu and its neighboring areas in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka….

Tracing back the birth of lord Rama

Lord Rama appeared in the Solar Dynasty, but even the time frame of His appearance may shed more light on the antiquity of Vedic culture….

Vaishnavism philosophy of demigods

Ganesa, Durga, Visvaksena, and other demigods worship and serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His abode of Vaikuntha. The Ganesa, Durga and other demigods…

krishna and the tale of laddu

It is composed in poetical format by Sridhar swami around 500 years back in pandharpur Sridhar Swami narrated the pastime where mother Yasoda Lord Ganesha…

Who are gandharvas ?

They are considered as the celestial singers and also acted as the guardians of the famed Somarasa in the court of the Gods. They were…

Mahabharat : Karna and Pandavas Initially Went to Hell!

After the death of Lord Krishna in Mahabharat by Hunter Jara, the Pandavas lost all interest in worldly matters. Nothing appealed them, neither material things nor the fact that they are the…

Samudra manthan

The Asuras were older than their half-brothers the Gods. They acquired great possessions in the three worlds, but because they did not sacrifice to each…

The marriage of Madri and Pandu

Some time after the marriage of Kunti and Pandu, Bhishma collected a huge army and marched towards Valhika, in the kingdom of Madra. Salya, who…


There was once a sage called as Shilada. Shilada did not have any children. of his own, but he adored children. He wanted to adopt…


Navratri – Navratri, literally interpreted as ‘nine nights’ is the most celebrated Hindu festival devoted to Goddess Durga symbolizing purity and power or ‘shakti’. Navratri festival…

What is Amavsya and Purnima?

What Is Amavasya And Purnima Amavasya and Purnima correspond to the two extreme states of the waxing – waning cycle of the moon. While amavasya…

Dffrence between Rakshasa & Asura

The Danavas and Rakshasas belong to different races of Asuras.  Their origin is traced back to the sage Kashyapa.   Kashyapa was married to the thirteen...

The Slaying of Shumbha and Nishumbha – Part 3

Shumbha and Nishumbha were shocked to see the next round of warriors also come back terrified. “Flee! Run away from the woman! Otherwise in the...

The Slaying of Shumbha and Nishumbha – Part 2

Shumbha nodded and called Durmalochana. “There is a beautiful woman in our gardens!” Shumbha told Durmalochana. “Take our huge army to fight with her.” Durmalochana...

The Slaying of Shumbha and Nishumbha – Part 1

Krishna & Yamuna

How the night was created.

Santoshi maa


Importance of colours



Concept of time according to Hindu cosmology


Lord Shiva’s teachings to his consort Parvati

Dhritarashtra tried to kill Bheema after Krukshetra war