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-41 min. ago-Mumbai Crime Branch arrested six jail accused in Majula Shetye’s murder
1 hours ago-Anantanag encounter ends: Two terrorists and two civilians killed in crossfire
3 hours ago-Encounter underway in Anantnag; 2 civilian killed in clashes 
4 hours ago-LeT commander trapped in Anantnag
1 days ago-Targeting civilian areas, Pak shelling Rajouri-Poonch for the third consecutive day
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Did you know deity Shani limps?

Did you know deity Shani limps?

Gandharva incarnated as Narda

Gandharv's journey through lifetimes to attain the piousness as Narda.

The Demon who had terrorised Lord Shiva, Bhasmasur

A story of a cunning demon who had tried to use the boon against lord shiva himself after gaining it from him.

Shiva and conch

It is believed that conch is dear to Lord Shiva.  Yet blowing of a conch or offering water from it is prohibited during worship of…

Why does Goddess Kali stick her tongue out?

Kali was furious.  She started destroying anything and everything that came in her way. Such was her wrath! None stood a chance of survival.  All…

The day Ram attempted to kill Hanumana!

One day Narda in an attempt to test Hanuman hatched a plan. Narada asked Hanuman to  pay respect to all the sages and dignitaries attending…

Get to know the one and only unanswered question in the Gita!

As we know, Krishna, Uddhava and Arjuna were cousins and shared a very close bond. They would argue, debate and discuss issues freely, keeping aside…

Did you know that the very first Ramayana was destroyed?

Treat yourself to the finest and rarest collection of Vedic stories only on Inner Peace. Our Veda Acharya and Yoga guru Dr. Parimal Devnath will…