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Divine Yoga Ep – 10 : Datta digambara Asana

Datta-digambara Asana makes the practitioner meditative which helps in regulating blood circulation.

Divine Yoga Ep – 8 : Sarpasana

Sarpasana is one of the best Asana for the problems related to spinal cord.

Divine Yoga Ep – 7 : Vrikashan

Practicing Vrikshasana is crucial for maintaing physical as well as mental balance.

Divine Yoga Ep-05 : Bharadwaj Asan

Bharadwaj Asan helps in making Ankle,knee & shoulder supple.

Divine yoga Ep-06 : Garud Asan

Practising Garud Asan on a regular basis invokes dedication towards mother & lord Vishnu.

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