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Vishnu the greatest

Bhrigu is the son of Brahma.  One day Bhrigu wanted to know who is the greatest among the trinity: Brahma his father the creator, Vishnu the sustainer or Shiva the destroyer.  Who is the supreme and the finest!  He wanted to know it all on his own and without any partiality and also without involving any other agent. He wanted to test his father Brahma first. Brahma was busy studying the Holy Scriptures in his study room in the morning. Bhrigu entered the study room of Brahma without taking permission and moreover he did not even bow down.  He just stood in front of Brahma in a gesture that amply displays arrogance. Seeing this disrespect and insolent behaviour, Brahma lost his temper and shouted at Bhrigu and ordered him to march out of the room and soon. ‘This cannot be the sign of a great person’—Bhrigu concluded. Now he wanted to meet Shiva. Shiva was sitting in a crematorium.  All around there were funeral pyres burning and jackals were roaming. Body of Shiva was smeared with ashes taken from the crematorium. Shiva looked so dirty and unclean!  How do I greet him!  Despite Bhrigu not saluting Shiva, Shiva came forward and embraced Bhrigu. Bhrigu was not quite pleased since this made him dirty.  He said, “You are unclean and you made me unclean too.  Why do you do this to me?” This made Shiva furious. “How dare you call me dirty?  Is this what you give me back for embracing you with love and affection?  You must be out of your mind!  I don’t think you like to live any more. Why should I not kill you?” Bhrigu fast ran away to save his life. ‘Shiva and my father—both are just same. No difference.  They have no control on anger’ – thought Bhrihu. ‘Let me see how Vishnu behaves’. Bhrigu arrives at the house of Vishnu.  Vishnu was fast asleep. ‘Now what could be the way to annoy him?  And he is asleep.  Let me kick him gently.  See if Vishnu gets angry with me or not.’ Bhrigu started kicking Vishnu mildly.  Vishnu did not come up.  So Bhrigu started him very hard on the chest.   Suddenly Vishnu got up and said: “My dear boy! Are you hurt?  Is your leg hurting?”–Vishnu showed deep concerns.  He held Bhrigu’s feet and started caressing if they are paining. “Dear Bhrigu, what can I do for you?  I feel your feet are troubled” Bhrigu found Vishnu is the greatest among the trinity since Vishnu is the most compassionate. It is said that mark of Bhrigu’s feet is still visible on the chest of Vishnu.  Henceforth Bhrigu is known as Pada Bhrigu. Moral:  Vishnu the sustainer of life takes all kicks and punches of all living beings all the time.