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Significance of tying Mauli thread

Significance of tying Mauli thread

In Hindu culture, red colored thread also called ‘Mauli thread‘ has its own respective value. In every puja and cultural occasion, tying Mauli is very common. It is also called Kalava. Do you know its benefits for health and scientific logic behind this.

The old since ancient times believed that a red woolen thread can save and protect you from any spells. Many cultures around the world believe that through our thoughts or by an enviable view, a person can harm another person, causing them illness, injury or even death. The spell is an arrow that comes from the soul of the envious towards the one he envies and sometimes that arrow hits, sometimes misses.

Religious significance of tying Mauli thread:

In Hindiusm, every cultural fest is followed by tying of Mauli. According to scriptures, putting Mauli thread on hand’s wrist makes you ideal for the blessing of Tridev ‘Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh and the three goddesses.

It also gifts you proper health. According to legends, the ritual of tying Mauli was started by Goddess Lakshmi and King Bali. It is a simple thread but makes eligible to get the blessings of almighty God.

Now let us see what are the scientific benefits of Mauli.

Scientific benefits of tying Mauli:

There are also scientific aspects of putting Mauli. According to Human Anatomy, our wrist is covered with the web of veins. Almost all the prime veins pass from here only.

Tying Mauli thread improves the blood  circulation, which balances the Tridosas i.e., Vata, Pitta and Kapha. As a result, there gets no disturbance in body system. It has the power of destroying negative energies

One who always tie up Mauli stay prevented from deadly diseases like paralysisdiabetesheart disease and many more. When you put Mauli on wrist, according to Acupressure there is no softness in blood which keeps your immunity strong and fit.

Correct way of putting Mauli:

According to scriptures, Men should tie mauli in right hand and unmarried girls should tie mauli on their left hand. While tying Mauli your fist should be tightening and the other hand should be on your head.

Except than festivals, Saturday and Tuesday are the two nice days for putting Mauli.

In this way we saw the scientific logic behind putting Mauli thread.

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