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Ganga descends on earth

Ganga is ferocious, it is forever changing its form and shape, for such nature of hers she needs something to channelize and control her, whereas Shiva is immovable “Sthir” like a mountain who else then Lord Shiva could have controlled her fierce force which would have destroyed everything when she decided to descend on earth at the behest of Indra. The legend has it that at the inception of time Ganga resided in Swarga loka, but when King Sagar lost all his sons to death his Sons demise and grief gave rise to an intense urge in him of having them back in his life to this muni Kapila suggested Bhagirath, Sagar’s grandson, that there is a way to bring his father and uncles back to life but this feat could only be possible if Ganga descends from Swargaloka to bho loka  i.e  on earth and he immerses the ashes in Ganga. Bhagirath then performed a severe penance to please Indra, when able to please Indra, Bhagirath asks him to convince Ganga to descend to earth.Now the question was would earth be able to control the mighty force of Ganga which has the capability of destroying world. Worried Brahma suggested Ganga to ask Shiva for the solution. Shiva simply said that she can fall on my head. Ganga laughed and said that might break Shiva’s skull. Shiva quietly sat and said that we will see!! As decided Ganga fell on Shiva’s head only to find her herself trapped in Shiva’s dreadlock which controlled her fierce force and calmed her down to channelize her towards civilization. So what do we take from this story Ganga is like life. Life means nature “Prakriti” Shiva is stable and constant just like “Atma” whereas life has different phases it can be violent, it may be silent at times and at times it may go through turmoil. As oppose to life Atma is “Still” forever there but yet silent and “Sthir” immovable. Anything but only union with Atma can bring peace in unstable life of an individual.