क्षुरिकां संप्रवक्ष्यामि धारणां योगसिद्धये अ
यां प्राप्य न पुनर्जन्म योगयुक्तस्य जायते अअ
वेदतत्वार्थविहितं यथोक्तं हि स्वयम्भुवा

Translation.  I am describing Kshurika which is (about technique of) dharana for gaining success in Yoga.   Application of Kshurika will ensure that a practioner of Yoga will not come back to the world.

This technique has been expounded by Svayambhu and it is in line with the intrinsic principles of the Vedas.

Note:  This scripture of Kshurikopanishad comes from the  recenssion of the Krishna-Yajurveda.  It seeks for highest wisdom of Yoga.