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Why Indra Is Insecure ?

As per the stories in puranas which was written 2000 years ago, Indra has always been a controversial figure for his complex character.One of the most common question which comes to the surface about Indra is, Why is he so insecure even though he is the King of Devas.Indra abodes Swarga , Swarga embodies progress, prosperity but no happiness. It concentrates more on materialistic things much like today’s world and systematic arrangement in which we reside, it is mentioned in the puranic stories that if one performs 1000 yajnas then even he can become Indra so, Indra is insecure because he thinks even asura and rishi through tapasya can become the contender for the throne much like the world where we live in, anyone possessing the right attitude and quality can achieve the greater heights that keeps the environment quite competitive.People at the pinnacle of their career are insecure they feel anybody can challenge their position by being the contender for the same that’s why we often hear this saying, that Rich and successful people are unhappy they are jealous and suspicious this state of being can be regarded as the presence of  Indra tatva. Indra’s insecurities can be construed as the lack of knowledge absence of saraswati which leads to the Atma gyan, Atma gyan means self-awareness absence of atma gyan makes Indra vulnerable to such insecurities. Now let’s take a look on the Vaikuntha,Vaikuntha has prosperity as well as happiness this is where Vishnu abodes. Vishnu resides with Laxmi by his side,he is contended because he has given more importance to self-awareness and Atma gayan and hence prosperity followed him. We can conclude from the puranic stories that only with the possession of wealth one cannot attain peace and tranquility for maintaining both one must pursue  both the aspect of life simultaneously.