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The concept of Tirth yatra

Yantra means traveling going on a trip expanding your horizon. The concept of yatra was propagated by Rishi who wanted to encourage the villagers to experience life beyond the daily chores and livelihood who otherwise used to spend all their life within the boundaries of village, since tirth yatra was mostly rishi’s way of life to broaden their perspective and knowledge they also inspired villagers to do the same. Undertaking a travel always allows one to expand the experience and wisdom. The concept of yatra is integral part of all the religion. For example, Muslim go for huj pilgrimage to mecca. In Hindu culture yatra is a part of one’s life right from the beginning, a child goes for Brahmacharya yatra, he goes to Gurukul to learn from a shikshak meaning teacher. Students live their until they are prepared to face much more complexity which awaits ahead in life, likewise Vanaprath ashram is when old people leave their home and go to a vana, frorest.Then there is yatra for Sanyas , a yatra for sanyas means, a man embarks on a journey with an idea of never returning back home leaving householder’s life behind.A married woman too goes on a yatra after marriage in a doli that’s also a yatra,apart from this, the only other yatra she can take is, as it is said ,that is when her body travels from her husband’s abode to a cremation ground to take a break from her mundane life, that’s how Tirth yatra came into being. Learned scholars and rishi always emphasized on traveling because otherwise we are koopmandukas, which means frog in a well, we think our world is the only world that exists. Traveling breaks that illusion and expands our capability to comprehend life which is beyond the imaginary four walls we have created around us, which is an impediment and disallow us to look beyond.