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Shiva & his weapon

How Lord Shiva got his weapon Trident ? This is one of the most mysterious question; Who made trishul? Now Lord Shiva is self-created svyambhu, self-created,so he was born with trishul.It was always there with him since the beginning .

We can say that it’s a metaphor. We always equate Shiva’s name   with three things , three eyes ,three leaves of bel plant,and the three lines of bhabuti or ash smeared on his forehead same way his trishul also has three blades, it indicates triloka when we say tri loka it means ,the three worlds-Swarg-loka,Bhu-loka and Patala. As per Bhagvad Gita, it is associated with three gunaa,or qualities-rajasguna(royal,rich),tamasguna(dark,heavy),satvaguna(pure light).

If we talk about puranic stories, Shiva has used trishul just once, to eliminate Andhaka asura , Andhaka asura had the quality to recreate himself with every blood spilt from his body,so  Andhaka asura was pierced through  the trident till all the blood is drained from his body.Andhaka prays to Shiva and he transformed into a rishi who doesn’t have a single drop of blood left in his body.The very contact with trishul  made him bhakt a devotee. We see mostly all Gods with bow,it is rather a metaphor.The bow is related to Yoga-Shastra, which means the teaching of yoga,that can be interpreted as physical and mental discipline. Now the bow itself has to be used deligently-as also described in Ramayan , if the bow is too tight the bow will break; if it’s too loose then it’s useless hence, the bow is a symbol for mind that mind should be balanced, if only the bow is perfect we can shoot the target.So it becomes the symbol of dhyana and focus , awareness.These principles of yoga can be interpreted with the example of bow. Shiva is also known as Pinaki, Pinaki means bow. There is a popular story related to this, as we perceive Shiva larger than life ! There is a  story where in the shaft of Shiva’s bow is  believed to be Mount Meru and the bow string is Shesh naga the king of Serpents. The shaft of the bow symbolizes the entire universe and the bow string, shesha nag symbolizes time.As a nag always moves forward shedding his skin it keeps changing its skin, with the change in time ,which further can be interpreted as time is always inconstant.Thus Shiva holds both space and time in his hand.

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