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India as a country is vast and has a diversity that is farfetched. So often with the change of city and place one always witnesses the vary in the interpretation of  certain beliefs. What is followed in south differs from what is followed in north. Every norms and rituals have geographical history to it, which has shaped up over the period of time. Now if a colour holds inauspicious stature in certain community that doesn’t imply on the entire nation , the lack of knowledge in its entirety encourage people to draw their own conclusion as they deem. Dark colour is always associated with negativity. In some parts black is believed to be used for black magic so it becomes quite obvious that people geographically living near that area perceive black as inauspicious but even Black magic itself is a science and since people are oblivious about how it works they label it as inauspicious but that’s the separate discussion. So having discussed the impression of black in certain sect.Many can adhere with the thought that black is negative but same black is also used for conducting pujas too,according to Agam literature subh and asubh changes as per the region. However, it’s difficult to find out the reason, Why Ayappans in south wear black? It is subjected to various interpretation. One possible reason could be, that since Ayyappans might consider themselves as devotee and white is usually worn by Brahmin so to give themselves a distinctive status as devotee Ayyapaan wear black. No colour is good or bad according to Ayurveda auspicious and inauspicious is just the perception it all boils down to the fact that whenever imbalance occurs and proposition unsettles, so does the perception.Mahabharat is the biggest example for this argument because many deeds practiced by Lord Krishna and Pandavs alike cannot be considered as Dharma, Death of Dronacharya,Karan and foul bout between Bheema and Duryodhan is not justified. But still to establish balance pandavs did choose path of Adharma . Arguably one can say that Dharma,Adharma,Black or white colour everything subjected to situations and its ramification, which changes its meaning with the need of the hour.