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Devas come from Swarga then where do Asuras come from ?

The brahmanda /Universe is infinite but often we have heard in Puranas or Vedas the mention of  Heaven and hell, Devis and Devas,Asuras and Yakshas, it further reinforces our confusion that if  Devas come from heaven then where do Asuras come from ? To understand this theory we will have to go back to the roots of it from where these theories originated. So it is believed the concept of Asura ,Naga, yakshas etc comes from non- vedic tradition probably from  local tribes. Now the existence of different school of thought prevailed since ages hence ancient Hindu theories too finds its interpretation from amalgamation of different Ancient books for instance in Vedas Asuras are equal to Gods, but this equation changes in Puranas, Asuras are villains in Puranas  and thus ousted and confined under the earth. In Geeta they live in Narka /Hell. So the perception of Asuras,Devis,Yakshas changes time to time in different sources of books so hence in my opinion the labelling of  Asuras and Yakshas transpired due to the apparent deed of the doer, one’s good deed earned him respect and the title of God at the same breadth if a person indulges in wrong doing he is called Asuras.